AJR NDT 90060 / 90080 / 90100 / 90120 Model Industrial Pipeline Videoscope / Endscope / Borescope

Product Infomation
AJR NDT 90020 / 90030 / 90040 / 90050 Model Industrial Pipeline Videoscope/ Endscope / Borescope is widely used in water companies monitor pipeline inspection pipes, check the steel engineering companies, water conservancy and hydropower engineering inspection, underwater bridge inspection projects directly to the human eye can not see the pipeline.
  • Model:AJR NDT 90020 / 90030 / 90040 / 90050 Model Industrial Videoscope
  • Specifications:9 inch screen, 23 mm diameter camera
  • Color:Black
  • Brand:AJR NDT

AJR NDT 90060 / 90080 / 90100 / 90120 Model Industrial Videoscope

Model NO:

AJR90060: 60 meters cable

AJR90080: 80 meters cable

AJR90100: 100 meters cable

AJR90120: 120 meters cable


Ø ø 50mm color camera with 30 LED

Ø DVR: video & audio record

Ø ABS case: anti-throw, waterproof

Ø One-touch video/audio recording and image capture

Ø Support max 256G SD card or USB stick

Ø Support image capture while recording; one click snapshot and video

Ø DVR: 8GB SD card AVI and JPG Format

Ø Audio: Microphone recording, headphone output

Ø Zoom function (8 levels)

Ø Cable M/FT counter and Text

Ø 7-hour battery life

Ø Self-leveling Balancing function


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