AJR R&D devotes more attention on development of various Non-Destructive Testing instruments. Until now AJR has successfully developed items below:
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Series;
Portable Hardness Tester series;
Surface Roughness Tester Series;
Coating Thickness Gauge Series;
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Series;
X Ray Testing Equipment Series;
Universal Testing Machine Series;
Magnetic Particle Tester series;
Infrared Thermometer Series;
UV Lamp Series;
However AJR will not limited on above items, all AJR people are continually developing more and more equipments to meet customers’ needs.
Quality Control
We look quality as important as our life!
Every piece of AJR instruments is strictly manufactured by mature technology and strictly control process.
All the material parts are provided by firm suppliers who we are familar with very much, this guarantee us to have qualified uniform parts as we believe this is the precondition to have an instrument with good quality!
Our assembly workers are well trained and very experienced on their work, they are professional and strong sense of responsibility. These are the second guarantee to manufacture good products!
After well assembling, the semi-finished products will be passed to calibration team. The team includes more experienced Engineers who will guarantee firstly the product is well assembled by checking carefully. The calibration will be proceed only when the assembling work is well done!
When a product is calibrated, it will be took to Quality Control Depart to have comprehensive examination. All tests are in record and has its unique series number. The record can be easily access to review and inspection. We keep it in file for 2 years.
When every process is finished, the product will go to stock. The warehouse management will have some basic inspection before delivery.
90% of products we have in stock. Before shipping to customers, our Calibration Engineers will do an extra inspection to make sure the unit is in perfect conditions to deliver to customers. And no standard points will make the unit back to Calibration team to inspect and correct in any cases!
Everybody making their 100% effort to provide customers perfect products! We are very proud of our works!
Fast delivery is one of the advantages of AJR working in the business, 90% AJR products will be delivered by its stock. The maximum delivery date will be less than 10 working days, for customized models depends.

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