AEW-B Series Microcomputer Control Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

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AEW-B series digital hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly applicable for field tests and is used for on-line inspection of ferrous metallurgy, transportation construction, machinery production, construction engineering and electric power fitting etc. It can display testing forces and displacement data, analyze indexes on tensile strength, maximum force and elongation and print testing data if the printer is selected and provided.
  • Model:AEW-B
  • Specifications:100KN, 300KN, 600KN, 1000KN
  • Color:White
  • Brand:AJR

AEW-B Series Microcomputer Control Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

I. Main Purpose

AEW-B series microcomputer control hydraulic universal testing machine can be used for testing of mechanical properties such as tensile, compression, bending and shearing of metal and nonmetal materials, can achieve the closed loop control over testing force, displacement, deformation, stress and strain and can edit the control modes independently. With more than one hundred standard modes inside it, the machine can carry out the analysis on data fully according to the standard requirement and achieve print and internet transmission of the test results.  

II. Functional Features

This testing machine adopts micro-computer controlled fully digital broadband hydraulic Digital Valves to drive the precision hydraulic cylinder, achieve automatic control in various modes over testing force, displacement and deformation and carry out tensile, compression and bending tests on the specimen according to national standards and other standards.

■ The main machine of the testing machine adopts underneath hydraulic cylinder. Power for adjusting the test space and the transmission are mounted at the bottom of the testing machine, which provides stable transmission. Upper and lower jaw holds are fully-open structures. Specimens can be clamped conveniently via the automatic hydraulic clamping system with good stability.

■ Clearance adjusting mechanism allows the movable beam in the most reasonable operating position and strained condition.

■ With relevant attachments configured, tests on samples such as reinforced bars, steel strand, cable, fasteners and concrete can be conducted via this testing machine.

■ The hydraulic clamping device can adjust the clamping speed independently (the inching clamping device can be configured according to the customer requirements)

■ Load sensors or oil pressure sensors can be selected independently, improving effectively the test range and the force accuracy.

■ The underneath structure of the oil cylinder can reduce the height of the main machine, lower the test center of gravity and reduce the damage of the rupture impact force to the machine.

■ Photoelectric encoders can measure the movement distance of the beam.

■ The integrated oil source design makes the whole machine more compact and reasonable, reducing the floor area.

■ Double control system of manual and automatic is provided and the operation mode can be selected independently.

■ The built-in control card based on PCI technology reduces connection, improves the function of real-time control over the test and real-time acquisition and improves the stability of the product.

III. Introduction of Software

Input of specimen information:

The human-machine interface is adopted to analyze, calculate and test the indexes on mechanical properties of the material and calculate automatically elastic modulus, yield strength and non-proportion elongation stress etc. after the test is completed. It is visualized and convenient, improving the analysis accuracy.

IVMain Technical Parameters

Main technical parameters







Maximum testing force (KN)






Force measuring range

2%100% (or 1% - 100%)

Relative error on indicated values of testing force

Better than ±1% (≤±0.5%) of the indicated value

Deformation precision

±1% (or ±0.5%)

Tensile space






Compression space



Clamping type

Manual clamping

Manual clamping/Automatic clamping

Clamping diameter of round specimen (mm)




Clamping thickness of flat specimen


0-30 mm


Diameter of shearing specimen

10 mm (Alternative)

Dimension of upper and lower press board

Φ120mm (Alternative 204×204 mm)

Maximum distance between bending fulcrums


Power of oil pump motor


Power of beam up-down movement motor


Deformation testing device


Safety protective device

Software protection and mechanical limit protection

Net weight (Kg)






Note: This parameter list is only for information and is subject to change without notice. The real objects prevail for the products of our company.

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